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 Release Date: August 25

I don’t want to hurt him—I just want to punish him. 

It’s bad enough being the only female owner of the Salacious Players’ Club, but I’m also the only one without a kink, or so I thought. 

Imagine my surprise when the kink quiz suggests that I’m not so vanilla after all. 

In fact, I’m a lot more like Emerson Grant than I thought.

Just one problem—I have no idea how to be a Domme.

That is, until the app matches me with someone willing to help me learn. 

He’s too young for me.

Too stubborn. Too good looking. 

And, oh yeah, my friend’s son.

Beau Grant is a brat. I’d hate that about him if I didn’t love punishing him so much. 

Underneath all of that attitude is a man who is misunderstood, selfless, and in need of direction.

But if he wants mercy, he has to earn it. 

There are a million reasons why I should stay away, but I’m tired of doing what everyone thinks I should do.

I finally know what I want, and I’m ready to take what’s mine.

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Maggie and Beau did NOT disappoint! I was super excited for Mercy and it was everything I wanted it to be and more. Sara Cate has me HOOKED on the Salacious Players Club and everything in that universe. 

If you’ve read book one of the series, you would have met Beau already. He’s the son of Emerson and the ex boyfriend of Charlie. He’s not the best person in book one so I was so interested to see how Sara would redeem him and she did a great job! 

Maggie is one of Emerson’s best friends and co-owner of the club, she’s been seen throughout the series as a more reserved person and is not super comfortable with discussing kinks like her friends and fellow owners of the club. She did not expect to own a kink club at all! 

Maggie and Beau meet through the app that ties to the club after both deciding to try it once to see what their results would be. At first, they’re both a little hesitant and don’t think they’re going to fit in with the lifestyle but once they get talking and decide to meet, they’re surprised to find out how much they love it. 

I loved going with them on this journey of self discovery and seeing Maggie become more confident in her role as a Dominant/Mistress and Beau learning how to fully submit. I loved seeing them use BDSM to heal their past and how Beau used it to help with his pent up frustration and big emotions over his dad marrying his ex, dealing with his toxic mother and just feeling like he isn’t going anywhere in life. 

As expected from this series, it was super spicy and hot but it didn’t lack any emotion. Throughout their journey of discovery, learning and research and just living a life they aren’t ashamed of, we see Beau and Maggie learn together in such a beautiful way. They are so perfect for one another and even though they had to keep their relationship a secret for a while, it didn’t lessen or cheapen their connection. If anything, it made them stronger. 

I would’ve loved to have seen more of them with other characters and out in public at the club, but I’m not disappointed. This was such a good book and I really loved Maggie and Beau together, from the outside you wouldn’t think they would work but once you see how they are together you understand. 

I know that this is the last book in the series for now but I really hope Sara Cate revisits this universe soon because I can not get enough. 

*ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*

Meet Sara Cate

Let's skip the boring About the Author bit where I tell you how I'm a USA Today bestselling author who lives in Arizona with her kids, husband, and dog and enjoys baking in my free time. Boring. 


Instead, I'd like you to know I strive to be a taboo and forbidden romance author who dares to tell stories with heart-wrenching plot and toe-curling heat.


My passion in life is to normalize a reading experience that pushes boundaries and empowers women to own their sexuality. Things that trigger my soapbox rants are discrediting the romance industry or belittling its readers by calling it “trash." You've been warned. I could quite literally go on for days.  


I like to take risks and write from the heart. And I want nothing more than to be an author readers trust to deliver books that are steamy AF but with a strong storyline and well-rounded characters.


What is The Sara Cate Experience?

The Sara Cate Experience means being pulled into a story and escaping reality a little bit for romances that are as emotional as they are arousing. The feelings are strong and the steam is scorching. There is never one without the other because when sex and love come together, it’s fireworks.

To learn more about Sara and her books, visit here! 

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