Release Blitz & Review: A False Start by Elsie Silver


People don’t like me for my words, Wildflower.
I like all your words, Griffin. It’s what you don’t say that kills me.

A False Start, an all-new steamy small-town romance from bestselling author Elsie Silver is available now!

I kissed my best friend’s little sister, and the world stood still.
That night we were two perfect strangers, the town’s grumpy recluse and a gorgeous girl in the back of a bar.
Until we weren’t.
Because Nadia Dalca isn’t just some girl. She’s the girl I can’t have. Fourteen years younger than me and completely off-limits.
My plan is to stay away, but the universe keeps pushing us together. It’s like some sort of cosmic joke, to give me a taste of something so electric—so real—something that breathed life back into me.
Because I can look, but I can’t touch.
Her sinful curves, her light-hearted laughter, her wild side . . . I’m addicted to every last bit of her.
And when she turns those sultry eyes on me––the ones so full of longing and so free of judgment? I’ve always considered myself a strong man. But when she looks at me I’m weak.
To give in to our connection would be a betrayal. My life is beyond complicated, and she has the world at her fingertips. Her brother is the only family she has left, and sad as it sounds, he’s also my only friend.
But I kissed her again anyway.
And now I can’t stop.

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A False Start is the final book in the Gold Rush Ranch series and what an ending it was! Nadia and Griffin have both been through a lot in their lives which makes their story more delicate. 

Griffin is Nadia’s brothers best friend but when they first meet, neither of them know who the other is. Griff is the ultimate grumpy hero while Nadia is super fierce and doesn’t take anything lying down. They’ve tried to hate each other and stay away from each other but that is not always possible. Their chemistry is burning bright and they can’t ignore it forever. Griffin likes to be in his house up on the mountains alone so it was great to see him slowly let Nadia in. 

I love Nadia and Griffin together, from the outside they might not look like they would work together but they are perfect for each other. I really loved them together and thought this book was amazing. 

Griffin was EVERYTHING! This man hardly speaks but as soon as he does… the words he says are just INCREDIBLE! 

Elsie has written the perfect mix of steam and punch you in the gut emotion. The build up of Nadia and Griffin’s relationship was perfect. Elsie did not disappoint! A False Start is the perfect steamy and emotional small town romance. This is such a great story about the love between two people but also about coming back from trauma and loving yourself and letting yourself have a second chance to be happy. 

*ARC kindly received from the author in exchange for an honest review* 

About Elsie
Elsie Silver is a Canadian author of sassy, sexy, small town romance who loves a good book boyfriend and the strong heroines who bring them to their knees. She lives just outside of Vancouver, British Columbia with her husband, son, and three dogs and has been voraciously reading romance books since before she was probably supposed to.

She loves cooking and trying new foods, traveling, and spending time with her boys–especially outdoors. Elsie has also become a big fan of her quiet five am mornings, which is when most of her writing happens. It’s during this time that she can sip a cup of hot coffee and dream up a fictional world full of romantic stories to share with her readers.

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