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♥ Julia ♥

Life isn’t going great right now. In fact, let’s go with “shambles.” My job as a pediatric nurse is on the line all because I blew the whistle on an alcoholic doctor. And while he’s busy threatening me, my stand-in father is in the hospital for chest pain, my sister is under strict “no stress” orders due to her difficult pregnancy, and I can’t tell anyone anything for fear of it getting back to her.

Enter Mateo, stage left: the boy next-door turned Navy Seal badass. When it comes to keeping me safe, he won’t take no for an answer. I can’t get him off my couch, and the longer he’s around, the less I actually want him to go. It certainly doesn’t help that every glare he throws in my direction ruins another pair of panties, but I absolutely cannot sleep with my brother’s best friend. Nope. That would be really, really bad.

♥ Mateo ♥

I’ve been in love with Julia Donovan since I was old enough to ride a bike without training wheels. I enlisted in the Navy at eighteen, just so I wouldn’t have to watch her pine after my older brother anymore. Injured and pushed into early retirement, I’m back in Sonoma for my first long stretch in eight years.

I had every intention of avoiding Julia. Of settling into a civilian life that doesn’t put me in the path of my best friend’s little sister. What’s that phrase about good intentions? Yeah… I’m well and truly f*cked. I can’t possibly walk away and leave her unprotected, not after catching that douche nozzle threatening her. So, I’m glued to her side, even if it means enduring the endless torture of being close enough to taste her and having to keep my hands to myself.


4.5 stars! 

I was lucky enough to sign up for an ARC after just binge reading the rest of the Somoma series, which made me extra excited to read Pent Up because I was so invested in the world and wanted to know Julia's story and it did not disappoint. 

Pent Up was fantastic and I loved it as much as I loved the first 3 books in the series. 

Mateo and Julia grew up together with their siblings. Mateo is a year older than Julia and has always had a crush on her but never acted on it because she’s his best friends little sister and because Julia had always had a crush on his older playboy brother, Javier. 

Mateo left for the Navy at 18 because he needed to get away from feeling the heartbreak of Julia not loving him back and didn’t properly return to town for 8 years after being wounded in combat. Even though he’s avoided Julia as much as he could in his short visits in the 8 years he was in the Navy, he wasn’t expecting all of his feelings to come flooding back the moment he is around her again. 

Julia is in trouble and has her career on the line after blowing the whistle on an alcoholic doctor. Like the independent woman she is, she thinks she has it all handled but things start to get out of control and Mateo steps in to protect her, and ends up being her live in bodyguard! What could possibly happen when they’re forced to spend so much time in close proximity together?

I really loved Mateo and how much he cared for Julia. He was so sweet but there is a hidden alpha underneath all of that sweetness. He’s the best mix of sweet and spicy! I also loved Julia and how sassy she was! These two are total opposites but they work so well together! The chemistry between them both is off the charts and just gets hotter as the story progresses.

I completely adored Julia and Mateo’s story. It was the perfect mix of sexy, sweet and funny banter. It’s the perfect read if you’re wanting something light and spicy. I would definitely recommend you reading this book and to check out the rest of the books in the series because it’s so much better knowing all the side characters and seeing how they fit into the world!

*ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are my own*


Mae Harden is a pen name. It’s Mae's alter ego and a way for her to share and embrace what she loves most about romance. Mae has always loved happy endings. She's a sucker for cheesy romantic comedies, the Darcy hand flex, and love stories that beat the odds.

Mae's books are a little different because she writes the things she like to read. Low angst and good communication make her happy. She loves a little drama, a metric shit-ton of sexual tension, a good meet-cute, and dirty talk. So, so much dirty talk. Hot with a plot is Mae's personal motto and she takes it seriously!

She has a degree from the Culinary Institute of America in Baking and Pastry. Before staying home to raise her kids, she was a pastry chef for seven years and specialized in wedding cakes. (See, always a sucker for a happy ending!)

In real life, Mae is a wife and a mother of two adorable hellions. She's a co-leader in her daughter’s brownie troop and coaches her kid’s soccer teams. They have two dogs (sisters!) and a beautiful but grumpy cat.

Mae also loves talking to her readers. Nothing makes her happier than hearing from someone that loves her books. If you have questions or just want to say hi, shoot Mae an email or find her on social media! It would make her day.

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Baking is my thing. Bachelorette parties are not. Surprise strippers even less so. But I'm almost positive this guy isn't really a stripper, and if he is, he's pretty bad at it.
On the other hand, he's very, very good at kissing. And maybe I shouldn't have goaded him into doing it, but it's not like I'll ever see him again. At least I'll have something to fantasize about when I'm baking muffins tomorrow morning.


Contractor. Loner. Stripper? Not usually, but I'll do anything to get the Bachelorette party in the room next door to settle down. All I wanted was a good night's sleep. I never expected my entire world to shift when she opened the hotel door with her wide green eyes and sweet vanilla scent. Now that I've had a taste, I can't let her go. I just have to find a way to break down her walls.





I don’t ask for much. I’d like a job where my boss isn’t a total douche bag. I’d like to sleep in past 8 am on my day off. Mostly, I would love my new next-door neighbor to keep his sexy dimples and cocky smiles to himself. He may look like pure southern temptation, but he seems determined to irritate me as often as possible.
Letting him in might feel like I’m carving out my heart and handing it to a stranger, but it’s quickly becoming apparent that someone else is watching me and Ben may be the only person who can help me uncover the truth.


Lilah Donovan is pure walking sin. The more time I spend with her, the harder I fall. She’s an adorable, feisty, half-pint of everything I never knew I wanted. She may have built the Great Wall of China around her heart, but I’m not averse to climbing if that’s what it takes to find a way in.
Getting through to her is an exercise in patience, but it’s not the only thing testing my abilities. Between the phone calls from unknown numbers, the car problems that are looking like sabotage, and the shadowy figure in her yard, it’s obvious that someone is stalking my girl. But he’s messing with the wrong person because I am uniquely qualified to end this, and there are no lengths I wouldn’t go to when it comes to protecting Lilah.




Four months ago, I made the first spontaneous decision of my life. I left my cold, suffocating family behind and set out for the Golden State. In pursuit of happiness, I threw my rule book out the window. New home, new job, and a brand-new spontaneous Parker. I have to admit, becoming New Parker would be a lot easier if I wasn’t flat broke and living in a shack. But I have my friends, a little bookstore full of romance novels, and the freedom I’ve always desperately wanted. 
I was perfectly happy with my shelves of book boyfriends until Lukas Donovan walked into my shop. The black sheep of the Donovan family, with his bottle-green eyes, stubbly beard, and those tree-trunk thighs… my romance novel men might never cut it again. I just wish he wasn’t such a dick. 

Everyone knows I’m the good-time guy. I’m the man you date when you want to piss off your daddy, and the guy you sleep with to make your ex jealous. I’m not long term. 

Parker Thompson is long term. Preacher’s daughter and my sister’s best friend, she’s one hundred percent off-limits and a bad idea no matter how you look at it. Bad idea or not, it doesn’t stop me from wanting her so badly it makes me ache. I know I should push her away, keep my distance… but how the hell am I supposed to do that when I can’t stand the idea of another man touching her or looking at her. Or really even breathing near her.

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