An Update on Me & an Apology.

Hi Everyone, 

I’ve been MIA for a few months now and I just wanted to post to explain why and why i’ve missed posts. 

In November last year I went back to England to visit my Nan because she was in the hospital and it wasn’t looking good. I spent everyday with her and we were meant to leave at the start of January to come back to Australia but we ended up extending our trip, and the day we were meant to arrive back in Australia, my Nan unfortunately passed away while I was with her. As you can imagine the last thing I was thinking about was my blog. I was grieving and we had to start planning a funeral. We didn’t get back to Australia until February. Ever since we arrived home I have been swamped with things to do. I graduated university and I’ve been looking for a job so I could hopefully stay in Australia since my family are moving back to England and when that didn’t seem like a possibility, I started looking for jobs in England. I’m moving to England in two weeks and as you can imagine, moving overseas is a lot more work than moving in the same country. We have been busy packing and getting ready to move. 

I apologise to all the authors that I promised promo posts and reviews to. I’m hoping that I can get this blog back up and running ASAP. I really hope you give me a second chance because this is what I love to do. 


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