Collection Eyes Uncovered Palettes - Review & Swatches

When I was in England last month I picked up two eye shadow palettes from Superdrug since they looked interesting. These were the Eyes Uncovered Palettes by Collection, there are six different options available (Nude Bronze, Nude Grey, Nude, Nude Rose, Smokey Purple and Smokey Grey ), however I only picked up two which were the Nude Bronze and Nude. Collection is a new brand for me since they don't sell it in Australia but after hearing so many good things about their products, I wanted to test some out for myself.

The Eyes Uncovered eyeshadow palettes don't disappoint. I really do love these palettes. They come with six decent sized eye shadow's and with your typical sponge eye shadow applicator, which I don't use (does anyone actually use these?). The shadows themselves are pigmented and the formula is soft and blends really well. Despite their good formula they are not even close to the Naked Palettes by Urban Decay, although I would say that they are a good drug store alternative if you aren't willing to break the bank for a palette. The wear time for these is great, I was impressed considering how inexpensive these palettes are. Another pro for these palettes is the packaging, it's small and compact which perfect for you to fit into your bag and to travel with.

The Nude palette is a really great everyday palette. The shades in this palette are the palest out of all the palettes, excluding 'Expresso' which is a really dark brown.


'Nude' Swatches

The Bronze Nude palette is also a really great palette. The shades in this palette are exactly what the name suggests, they are more golden and bronze compared to the 'Nude' palette. The shades are great for a night out look but could also work for those wanting to add some gold to their everyday eye look.  
'Nude Bronze'

'Nude Bronze' Swatches

It's worth mentioning that all of the shades in these two palettes have at least a slight shimmer to them, however none of them have big chunks of glitter which makes them even more appealing. The Eyes Uncovered palettes are £3.99 ($7.87AUD) which is an amazing price considering this is for six decent sized eyeshadows that have a good wear time and a great formula. These Palettes are available at either Boots or Superdrug in the UK, unfortunately there is no where that I know of where you can purchase them in Australia These shadows are beautiful and wearable and I think they are a great drugstore eyeshadow palette. I'm glad I picked them up.

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